Why Us?
South Texas Havanese specializes in A.K.C. registered, show-quality, champion pedigreed Havanese beauties. All of our pups live in our home, sleep in the master bedroom, and have the run of our two-acre back yard.
 We offer our little darlings only to qualified families who show the desire to succumb to the overwhelming love, devotion, and intelligent playfulness that is the Havanese.

Being generally small, our Havanese prove...not everything in Texas is "Bigger"...just "BETTER"!!
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Our Pedigree
After we learned about the limited number of Havanese that had survived we made a point of finding new pups with varied ancestors. Our first daddy, Cheese, came to us as the son of a European Grand Champion...Cheese has the "stuff"!!
  1. AKC Award Winning
    Sarah, our human daughter, and Ginger, at six months, made the ideal team in the show ring. Ginger had just the right amount of natural "puppy cuteness" to charm the judges and Sarah's skills as a Certified Junior Handler had strangers asking her to handle their pups too! The two packed away several wins, including many first places, and Sarah's Rosette for First among Junior Handlers in Austin was quite a feather in their caps as winners in the show ring.
  2. What Dog Suits You
    No two dogs are the same and that is why it is important that we make sure that your best friend suits your needs perfectly! The brief questionnaire we ask you to complete serves several points. We learn a little about your life, history with pets, and expectations of your new family member. We then invite you into our home to meet our babies with an idea of which little angel's personality best suits you. We want happy puppies with happy families since these are "our babies" and want them to be loved forever.
  3. 100% Guarantee
    Our babies go home with up to date Veterinary care records. We do not, as some breeders do, take the cheap route of administering our pups' shots, they go to our vet of 25 years. We offer a full and equal replacement guarantee if your pet has a diagnosed congenital fatal disease.
  1. Experience
    We became "breeders" for two main reasons, my Mom really wanted her own little love, and our five-year-old daughter was asking questions about "where do babies come from". By finding Cheese to be "on" Cracker, Mom got Moeka, her first Havanese love muffin, Sarah learned about the miracle of babies, and we were overwhelmingly blessed, amazed, and enamored of the entire process. Cracker's instinctual mothering skills were simply amazing.
  2. Passion
    Princess FireCracker's first litter was born in our master bedroom closet eleven years ago . We handled and loved each newborn little angel as soon as she had him/her. When we tried to leave her, she would carry each baby to wherever my husband, Doug, was located. He awoke in his recliner covered in babies, on his neck, in his armpit, all six of them! It was then we put an air mattress in the closet next to Cracker's baby bed and Doug slept there for a month!
  3. Our Team
    In Texas, Terri, Doug, and daughter, Sarah have been raising gorgeous Havanese loves for eleven years now. In Arizona, Carolyn and Jack, Terri's parents have been breeding and raising beautiful Havanese babies for five years. Puppies are FUN!! We love everything about them; from their amazing arrival, playful barking and wrestling with each other, PUPPY BREATH, that intoxicating smell and the joy of the new families and first meetings. If the time ever comes that Puppies are no longer fun, we will stop being breeders! I don't foresee that ever happening!
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